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What is Airbnb Co-hosting ?

Airbnb co-hosting service is the operation and oversight of a short-term rental property on behalf of the homeowner or owner. Our team consists of experienced property investment analysts, rental market experts, property manager, as well as professional customer service officers and dedicated housekeepers. We manage hundreds of properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast. It is our mission to help you unlock the potential of your home while outperforming the rental market with efficient management solution.

We Do It All

Our team manage all types of propertis from Serviced Apartment, Urban Rental, Vacation Rental & more!


Family house owner, Terraced, Flats, Detached,  Cottage, Bungalows 

Second Homeowner

Rent to rent, Apartment or Family house big or small


Blocks, Flats, Portfollios

Better Listings | Better Service

Guest Communication & Handling Booking

From listing your property online to handling customer inquires before and after their stay.

Carefully screening to find the best guests for your property.

Listing your property throughout multiple social media platforms to maximize occupancy rate and revenue.

Key Management & Property Cleaning

In-person check-in and greet guests no matter when their flight lands.

Giving guests a tour around your property, sharing tips and information to travel in your city.

Arranging professional home cleaning service to ensure your property is clean, fresh and ready for your next guests.

Essential Restocking,Bed Linen & Towels

Replenishing bathroom toiletries and providing hotel-quality towels and linen for your guests.

Hotel-quality towels and bed linen will be provided.

Our Kozy-housekeeper team will ensure a most comfortable and memorable accommodation experience for your guests increase customer satisfaction ratings.

Price Optimization

Based on our expertise, we advise on seasonal rental adjustments according to seasons and specific events in your local area.

We will closely monitor demand and supply of flats in local areas to adjust your price timely. Our aim is to maximize your occupancy rate and income.

Photography & Designing

Professional photography is offered for every property under our management.

Our experienced interior designers will give styling advice for your property

Furniture package is provided under our full management service. Please contact our team for further information.

Routine Inspection

We will assign local property manager to inspect the property every month. The inspection items include the integrity of the furniture and the cleanliness of the environment.

The home owner will receive a condition report and a performance chart in detail, Handle the situation of the property carefully, hands off without worries.

Preparing Your Property for Airbnb Short-term Rentals

Here are some of the things you need to consider when you rent your property out on a short-term basis.

First Impression is Key

Our professional photographers help capturing the best features of your home and more importantly, the stunning pictures of your home captures you potential guest's attentions. Combined with our competitive price strategies, people would line up waiting to stay at your place !

Leaving the staging for us

Ever anxious about what to provide for your upcoming guests? Our staging staff knows exactly how to help. Storing up and getting rid of unnecessary items, keeping the essentials and the stylish furniture brings out the best of your home.

Satisfied Guests

We have our experienced guest service staff taking care of your guests throughout their entire stay. With satisfied guests giving your home a 5-star rating, it benefits you and your home. You'll have a chance of becoming a Superhost. Your home will be on the first page of guest's result. Most importantly, your potential earings take a jump !

Airbnb Management Service in 3 Simple Steps

Get a Revenue Estimation

Tell us about your property; the more detailed the more accurate the revenue projection will be. In general, airbnb owner can receive a 30% better annual return than long term rental.

Set Up a Meeting

Airbnb management experienced advisers will guide you step by step through the process of setting up an effortless income-generating strategy. Our Teams are always here for you.

Get Ready for Hosting

Talk to our design team to select a furniture package that works best for you. Sign our contract and get ready for launch. Let us work magic on your property while you sit back and get paid.