Short Stay Insurance

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

ShareCover Short Stay – Short Stay Accommodation Rental Insurance 

We know that your peace of mind is paramount while your property is used for short stay accommodation. That’s why we’ve gone into partnership with Australia’s leading marketplace insurer – ShareCover. ShareCover is underwritten by Insurance Australia Group, Australia’s largest general insurer. Each ‘Strata property’ listed on KozyGuru is covered through ShareCover’s purpose-built Strata Annual Home and Contents Group Policy.  

This coverage summary only sets out some of the events covered by the Strata Annual Home and Contents Group Policy and other information you should consider. It does not provide a complete statement of the cover offered, exclusions, conditions and limits that apply under the policy. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and all relevant policy documentation for more details. 

What types of property are covered? 

The policy covers strata properties which are apartment, unit, townhouse, villa etc.

What types of property are not covered? 

The following properties are not covered:

  • Free standing properties including houses, granny flats etc.; and
  • Spaces that have not been recognised as a habitable environment by government authorities (e.g. tree houses); any property that the relevant local government, council or government authority does not permit to be used as tourist, visitor or other short term or temporary accommodation and licensed hotels, motels, resorts, inns, or similar licensed venues for accommodation.

What is covered?  

ShareCover Short Stay insurance covers: 

  1. Loss or damage to a Host’s property caused byan insured event occurring in Australia whilst the property is rented through KozyGuru;
    • Accidental and malicious damage to the building caused by Guests;
    • Accidental and malicious damage to the contents caused by Guests; 
    • Damage caused by natural perils – Bushfire, earthquake, or tsunami, lightning, storm or rainwater and flood to the cover limit.
    • Public liability– Up to $10,000,000 is provided per claim for incidents occurring on the property.  
    • Theft – Up to $25,000. 
    • Loss of rent – Up to $15,000 or 3-months’ 
    • Other covers – Including glass breakage, change of locks, electric motor burnout.

The following summary gives you an overview of what each booking is covered for under the ShareCover Short Stay insurance policy.  

Insured event  Limit 
Loss or damage to the building and contents $60,000 building and $60,000 contents per claim and for all claims arising out ofthe one event 
Personal injury and property damage  $10,000,000 per claim 
Loss of rental income  $15,000 per claim within the cover limit 
Theft  $25,000 per claim within the cover limit 
Pet damage  $3,000 per claim within the cover limit 
Electric motor burnout  $5,000 per claim within the cover limit 


  • The excess payable is $350 per claim.  

What is not covered for? 

  • Loss or damaged caused by the Hostis not covered.  
  • Deterioration, wear and tear are not covered– The policy does not cover deterioration, wear and tear that have occurred over time.

When is the property insured? 

  • The policy is only valid when the property is rented through KozyGuru.   

Where is the property covered? 

  • The policy will provide cover within Australia. 


If an incident has occurred at your property, you can lodge a claim through the ShareCover Claim Portal.

Click here and then select the ‘Lodge a Short Stay Accommodation claim’ button.  You will need to supply the following information: 

  • Your name, address and customer ID 
  • Date of incident 
  • Time of incident 
  • Details of incident 
  • Any evidence of the incident/damage (pictures, correspondence with the service recipient etc) 

Once we receive this notice of claim from you, we will lodge the claim with ShareCover. A member of the ShareCover claim team will be in contact with you within 48 hours.  

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact ShareCover at  or DOWNLOAD the Product PDS for more information – Download Here