How to become an Airbnb SuperHost

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

Airbnb- How to be a SuperHost of International Hospitality


The Airbnb website provides some awesome resources and qualifications for being a SuperHost. In brief, it means that you consistently: have earn 5-star reviews, more than 50% review rate, a high response rate, complete at least 10 trips in your listing per year and rarely cancel. 

Communication is also the key to becoming a SuperHost of international hospitality. Whether or not they have a reservation, a quick response shows that you care. Another element to communication is remaining available to your guests, even if you’re not physically present.  This is especially important for international guests since they won’t be familiar with the area or culture.

Network Communication-Airbnb Hosting Tips

Since your guests will rate their check in experience, make it as seamless and easy for you and them as possible. Imagine you’re travelling internationally to a country you’ve never been to where maybe no one speaks your language and you can’t reach your host, check in is inconvenient and late—you don’t want that. Be sure to communicate your check in procedure ahead of time, where they will find the key if you’re not there, etc.

To become an Airbnb SuperHost also means that you are consistently accurate. Accuracy can look like an up to date listing information and details, clear house rules, and high quality photos.  Be accurate in sharing your amenities well, and make sure you tell them if something is different like a neighbour’s construction project or inconsistent hot water.

A SuperHost from Las Vegas shares these tips about hosting international guests: Know the culture. Food is such a cultural element, so if you know that your guests are coming from Asia, consider having a rice cooker handy. (Keep in mind that of the top seven countries to visit Australia, four of them are Asian.) Research the culture of your guests. Certain cultures are very particular about their drinks, like Americans with coffee and Asians with tea, so have a nice tea and coffee selection with hot water available when they arrive. This will make them feel really special and show that you care.

Sherry, the Las Vegas SuperHost, also shared that if you can’t have good verbal communication due to language barriers, use “visual communication” with things they like from their culture to compensate. This could look like a special note in their native language, or certain restaurant recommendations. She also uses local guide books and maps with attractions and local information. Your guests will rate their overall experience with your Airbnb, so small gestures can leave a big impact on your ratings.

No Travelers Will Reject Restaurant Suggestions From A Local. Write Down Your Favorite Cafes In Your Manual.

Some other things to consider for Super Hosting are to have available cleaning supplies for them to clean up after themselves since some cultures are very particular about cleanliness. Guests also appreciate little ‘extras’ like toiletries, foreign adaptors, and the aforementioned basic coffee and tea service.

As we know how important to get 5 stars on every aspects to become a SuperHost. Check this article to fast track yourself to get 5 stars!


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