How to Attract Business Guest on Airbnb

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

By KozyGuru

June 08, 2020

Airbnb has always been primarily perceived as a platform to attract regular travelers. But a recent trend has been the emergence of business travelers on Airbnb who are looking for reasonable accommodation with quality properties. If you are a host, here are some ways to attract business travelers.

Location is paramount

Unlike regular travelers who might be fine with staying at any place, irrespective of location, business travelers are looking for properties that are close to the airport. After having already spent countless hours on the flight, the last thing a business traveler wants is to spend more hours traveling to reach the property. Also having a difficulty to locate property is not the best solution either. As long as your property has a central location and is easily accessible to the city center. A 24 hours check in service would be a value added service for your business guests. You will have no problems attracting business clientele.

Have amenities suitable to business guests

While Airbnb provides you with literally unlimited options when it comes to providing any type of amenity you desire, a business traveler may not want something too extreme or something that doesn’t cater to their business needs. You need to remind yourself that a business traveler has given up their hotel accommodation for your property because they want a homely atmosphere. So, make sure you offer things like coffee maker, basic kitchen equipment for them to make a simple meal. Also, providing them a self-laundering option especially since most business guests like to travel light, providing an iron and an iron board they might have opted for, is an added plus.

Laptop friendly workspace is a plus for business traveler.

A business guest will be at your property to complete their work, and so a laptop friendly workspace is imperative, put an All-in-one printer would be remarkable for business traveler. Have plenty of power outlets and bars to help the business guest charge their electronic devices. Fresh Towels, essential toiletries would also help your listing to get more business traveler attention.

Know your niche or target them

While the business guest client base is a fairly large one, zoning in on your specific niche is a great way to attract business guests. Look at businesses close to your own location – what kind of business do they run, are these workers fashionistas, tech geeks, white collar or politicians? Based on the niche, you can fine-tune your listing to cater to their requirements. Having furniture that would be functional to their niche and décor that will be both utility based and aesthetically pleasing is a great way to prepare your property for hosting

Competitive pricing

The two major reasons a business guest wants your property on Airbnb is because it’s cheaper than a hotel & a comfy home like accommodation . While you put in the effort to provide the amenities they wish, don’t overlook that the cost is the most important factor. Set a competitive price and be sure to include discounts or speciality features such as extended stay to enjoy the city. You can also offer early bird or slashed rates initially to get more guests. As an experienced Airbnb property management company, we also have other tips to help you get more bookings on Airbnb. 

Legal implications

You need to know your legal obligations when you are listing property for business guests. Know if you should get a consent from building strata company or whether you will be required to pay taxes over the earnings. The most relevant part knows about insurance policies pertaining to homeowners. Find out whether you will need to buy extra insurance since your property listing will be considered to be a business. However, if you are listing your property on Airbnb, they do offer a FREE Host Protection Insurance up to $1 million USD.